Umar Bin Khattab Welfare Trust's
Yunus Fazlani Unani Medical College & Al- Fazlani Unani Hospital


Hospital Admin Block Details

1. Superintendent Room
2. Deputy Superintendent room
3. Medical Officers (for 2 Resident Medical Officer/Resident Surgical Officer)
4. Matron Room
5. Assistant Matron Room (for 2)
6. Reception and Registration

Hospital OPD Block Details

1. Moalajat OPD with wash basin
2. Jarahat including Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq wa Asnan OPD with wash basin and Examination Room
3. Qabalat wa Amraze Niswan OPD with toilet and Examination Room
4. Amraze Atfal OPD with wash room
5. Amraze Jild wa Tazeeniyat OPD with wash basin
6. Tahaffffuzi wa Samaji Tib OPD with wash basin
7. Dressing and First Aid Room
8. Dispensary
9. Waiting Space for patients
10. Store
11. Male and Female Toilet for patients

Hospital IPD Block Details

1. Moalajat including Ilaj bit Tadbeer Male Ward with attached toilet and bath room
2. Moalajat including Ilaj bit Tadbeer Female Ward with attached toilet and bath Room
3. Jarahat including Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq wa Asnan Male Ward with attached toilet and bath room
4. Jarahat including Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq wa Asnan Female Ward with attached toilet and bath room
5. Niswan wa Qabalat Ward with attached toilet and bath room
6. Amraze Atfal Ward with attached toilet and bath room
7. Doctors duty room one for each department with attached toilet- bath
8. Nursing staffff duty rooms, one in each ward with attached toilet-bath
9. Store room for linen, etc.

Operation Theatre Block Details

1. Major Operation Theatre
2. Minor Operation Theatre
3. Labour Room with attached toilet and bath room
4. Neonatal care room
5. Central Sterilization or autoclave unit
6. Scrub room
7. Two Recovery room
8. Doctors duty room with attached toilet and bath room
9. Interns or house offifficer or resident doctors room with attached toilet and bath room.
10. Nursing staffff room with attached toilet and bath room

Ilaj bit Tadbeer Block Details

1. Hammam
2. Dalak
3. Riyazat
4. Fasad
5. Kai
6. Alq, Hajamat, etc
7. Ilaj bil Tadbeer therapist Physicians Room
8. Ilaj bil Tadbeer Store room
9. Physiotherapy room

Hospital Radiology/Sonography Block Details

1. Radiologist chamber
2. X-ray room
3. Dark room
4. Film drying room
5. Store room
6. Ultra Sonography Room
7. Patients waiting and dressing room
8. Reception or registration or report room

Other Infrastructure Details

1. Ambulance Service
2. Sitting arrangement for internees/students in Various Out Patient Department

Information of Ilaj Bit Tadbeer Department Instruments

1. Hajamat (Cupping Set)
2. Venesection
3. Dal k Table
4. Riyazat
5. Taleeq (Aquarium for leeches)
6. Fasd (Venesection Set)
7. Hamam


1. Field magnifier
2. Compound microscope
3. Dissecting Microscope
4. Microscope
5. Slides box with cover slips
6. Blotting/filter papers
7. Electronic balance
8. Dissection Box
9. Enamel Trays


1. Chloroform
2. Alcohol.
3. HCL
4. Sulphuric acid
5. Sodium, potassium hydroxide
6. Benedict solution
7. Sodium nitrate
8. Potassium nitrate
9. Citric acid
10. Iodine
11. Ethyl Alcohol
12. Potassium Iodide
13. Xylol/pure xylene (slide preparation)


1. Binocular microscope
2. X-ray view box
3. Sterile disposable lancer/needle
4. Sahli's Square tube
5. Hb pipette
6. Dropper
7. Glass rod
8. WBC Pipette
9. Improved Neubauer chamber
10. Cover slip
11. Red cell pipette
12. Cleaned slides
13. Incubator
14. Wintrobe's tube
15. Pasteur's pipette
16. Centrifuge Graduatee machine
17. Westregrens pipette
18. Rubber teat
19. Westergrens's stand
20. Litmus paper
21. pH indicator paper strips
22. Urinometer
23. Multi stix
24. Bunsen burner
25. Test tube
26. Glass Jars with lid of different sizes
27. Magnifying lens
28. Autoclave
29. Water bath
30. Separating funnels of various sizes
31. Stop watch
32. Ultraviolet lamp
33. Monocular microscope with oil emersion lens20(e)
34. Capillary Tubes
35. Hot air oven
36. Microscope with oil immersion
37. Refrigetors
38. Sterile vessels/bottle to collect samples
39. BP Apparatus
40. Stethocope
41. Thermometer
42. Knee hammer
43. ENT examination set
44. Weighing machine
45. Syringe needle destroyer
46. HBs Ag kit
47. HIV kit - Tridot (method by T Mitra)
48. Cell counter (haemoautoanalyser)
49. Renal profile, LET kit, Lipid profile, Blood Sugar kit